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At Compass Laboratory Services, we believe having complete information before beginning treatment will lead to better outcomes and an overall improvement in healthcare.  We also believe that each patient must be treated as an unique individual with individual risk factors. This is why we provide the tools necessary to equip patients and physicians with the right information to develop and implement a personalized approach to better health. Compass provides you the complete picture by providing industry-leading patient management reports.



Compass Laboratory Services offers testing designed to identify DNA mutations that affect risk factors for inherited disease conditions such as blood clotting disorders and cardiovascular disease. In addition, Compass offers pharmacogenetic testing to identify key mutations that are responsible for the metabolism of up to 80% of all prescribed medications. Studies conducted by Dr. William Budd have shown that most persons carry at least one mutation in one of these key medication metabolizing pathways and are at increased risk for an adverse drug reaction. Arming providers with this information, Compass hopes to help minimize dangerous drug-drug interactions, reduce un-needed hospitalization and increase therapeutic outcome.

Advances in technology have led to improvements in diagnosis of infections. Recent studies have shown that up to 33% of standard clinical microbiology testing is unable to meet the needs of the clinician. This is especially true in complex infections where bacteria grow in tightly together in a structure called a biofilm. The advent of the PCR process allows scientists to amplify genetic material from an infection site in order to determine which organisms are causing the infection. This process is faster than traditional culture and provides clinicians with results days sooner allowing them to become stewards of antibiotics.

Compass Laboratory Services has been a leader in providing PCR testing for Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Compass began offering testing in April 2020 across the South East US with its EUA approved SARS-COV2 assay. Throughout the pandemic, Compass has remained committed to fast turn-around times (TAT) and the average TAT has been less than 14 hours from sample receipt throughout the pandemic. As the virus evolved, so did the testing at Compass, we were one of the first labs to offer variant testing in the Spring of 2021 using a multiplex PCR process that was capable of identifying all variants of concern within 48 hours of sample receipt. Clinicians armed with the exact variant strain of the SARS-CoV2 virus could make the best clinical decision for their patient. With each new wave of the pandemic, Compass has kept up with the virus and designed new assays to ensure that we provide the best and most accurate information for our clients and their patients.  Additionally, Compass continues to serve the public health community by offering testing at a cash price of $100.

Medication assisted treatment for the treatment of substance abuse is a common method for helping patients recover from opioid use disorder (OUD). Commonly, patients are prescribed Buprenorphine containing formulations with Naloxone or Methadone to help sustain recovery and prevent overdose. Providers that prescribe medications to assist with OUD have unique concerns that differ from pain management providers and need a laboratory that understands their concerns. Prescribers want confidence that they understand every potential drug that their patient may be taking (prescribed and illicit) as well ensure that they are compliant with the prescribed therapy. Compass Laboratory Services offers a wide range of testing options to ensure that clinicians have confidence in their patient results.

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