SARS-CoV2 Testing Athletic Programs

SARS-CoV2 Testing Athletic Programs


Athletes are more vulnerable to infection from SARS-CoV2 when engaged in vigorous play8

  • Increased inspiratory volume causes virus to reach vulnerable components of lungs
  • Increased expectoration of respiratory secretions within close proximity increased likelihood of transmission of virus

PCR Analysis of Acute Infections

Testing to identify acute infection by identification of viral RNA from respiratory secretions

  • Analytical sensitivity to 5 viral copies with 96.4% accuracy
  • Total accuracy of assay is 98.7% with 100% positive predictive value and 97.5% negative pre- dictive value
  • Repeatability is greater than 95%

Antibody Testing of IgG

  • IgG antibodies used to identify those that have had previous infection with antibodies developing approximately 2 weeks after infection
  • Negative predictive value 99.60%
  • Positive predictive value
    • From 8-13 days after infection 86.4%
    • After 14 days of infection 100%
  • Antibody has shown specificity to currently circulating SARS-CoV2 strain as evidenced by lack of reaction to samples collected prior to September 2019


Matricardi, P.M. et al The First Comprehensive Immunological Model of COVID19: Implications for Prevention, Diagnosis and Public Health Measures

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