How We Got Started

In 2011, Doctor William R Chapman III and his wife Jannie started Compass Laboratory Services to meet a community need. The drugs at a local high school where their kids attended school had a growing problem. After the tragic death of a student and athlete at the high school, the community decided to make a change. 

Supplied with drug tests, the Chapman’s equipped the booster club with test kits to administer to the athletes which helped lower the drug use. 

Compass has expanded and grown ever since! They decided to plant Compass Lab Services right in the heart of Memphis, TN because of the easy access to FEDEX so samples can be overnighted easily.

In 2019 Dr. William Budd joined the team and brought molecular testing to the table. We continue to meet provider needs across the United States through an array of product offerings.

Since the passing of Doctor Chapman in 2019, Jannie Chapman has continued leading Compass Laboratories towards growth and community impact one test at a time.

Our Lab was named Compass because our vision was 
to help equip medical professionals with actionable information
to lead their patients in the right direction.